With MAR, you can improve your bottom line while offering robust benefits to your employees.

In the past, putting together a group benefit package has been a standard practice – the broker shops carriers for the best rates, implements the plan, and then starts the process over again at renewal. However, as insurance premiums have become less affordable over the years and employer regulations more complicated, MAR understands that the old cookie-cutter approach to employee benefits just doesn’t work anymore.

To help clients get superior coverage while reducing costs, a broker needs to address the underlying drivers of a group’s benefit premium – things like company culture, age of workforce, and claim utilization, just to name a few.  Each consultant at MAR has more than 25 years of experience in employee benefit arena and understands how benefits are underwritten. Additionally, they are constantly updating themselves on new trends and solutions as they emerge in the market.

The MAR Difference

Strategic Partnering

To negotiate successful benefit offers and timely renewals, we need to consistently meet with our clients and really listen. We are experts in risk assessment and pin-pointing exposure to understand our clients’ needs. We get results for our clients and their employees by delivering innovative solutions based on each client’s unique and ever-changing financial and strategic goals.

Customer Support

While we surpass many of our competitors in innovative, we are old school and go the extra mile when it comes good old fashion customer service. After we help a client design and secure the perfect benefit package, we will continue to support the owner, HR manager and employees in any way we can to help the plan run efficently and smoothly throughout the plan year.

Industry Resources

We bring expertise and resources to our clients that are over and above the insurance quote!  Our in-house analyst has worked with many insurance carriers and thoroughly understands underwriting rating methods, and we have formed alliances with many of the industry’s most trusted sources to help clients stay compliant and productive.

Unbiased Approach

We partner with many of the nation’s top carriers to offer clients a wide variety of options, however we don’t work for any of them, we work for our clients. In fact, our philosphoy is to leverage our long-standing relationships with our carriers to our clients’ advantage.

What Our Clients Say

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